Energizing Women’s Natural Strengths to LEAD.

Your Life. Your Work. Your Business.

Meet Valerie Steiger


I am a personal and professional development coach, and a seasoned business consultant. I’m passionate about motivating and inspiring women to LEAD their own lives. I have coached individuals, executives, and teams in both small business and corporate environments, and have over 20 years of experience in energy and utilities.   In my years of coaching and consulting, I’ve discovered that a gap exists in mentoring and leadership training for women within the male-dominated energy industry.   I have created a distinctive, integrative leadership program for women in energy to address this need – The BeWELL Course.

BeWELL Course

Women in Energy Live & Lead

A unique leadership program for women in the energy industry.


Your SELF + Your LIFE

  • Leverage – your full potential for success. You have a natural capacity to thrive.
  • Energize – your natural strengths, your personal power. This is your true Nature.
  • Accentuate – your intuitive wisdom. Imagination and creativity are renewable resources.
  • Design – Envision, plan, set boundaries, break through barriers. You choose. You LEAD.

Life + Work + Balance

  • Regain confidence, set healthy boundaries, and bust through barriers at work.
  • Be more present, less stressed, and find time to rest and play at home.
  • Energize your natural strengths to LEAD your life + your work.

be WELL with BEING Blog

  • YOU are absolutely amazing! For the first time in my life, I truly believe I can change. I guess I just always thought one day I would wake up and think differently, but now you've shown me it will be a discipline and that makes sense to me. There aren't words to thank you enough for your genuine caring!! It shows. Man, have you ever found your calling!

    Sherrie B.
  • When I finally reached out for help, after feeling stuck in mud for so long unable to make changes for myself, I met Valerie. She was exactly what I needed! Someone to challenge me, to question my thought process', and most importantly she gave me permission to relax into my body and taught me to get out of my head. Huge changes have happened in my life since our time together, some my doing and some not by my doing, but I now have the tools and knowledge to look deep inside and listen to my true thoughts and desires. Thank you, Valerie!

    Micheline G.
  • When I asked Martha Beck to recommend a coach, recognizing that I needed someone loving, direct and who could be tougher then I am (smile), Martha suggested I work with Val. What a gift! In a short amount of time, Val's insightful understanding took me to the core of issues I had been trying to address for years. Not only do I highly recommend life coaching, but several of my friends are now working with Val. She is truly the BEST!

    J'Lein Liese, Ph.D.
  • Just thought I would share with you an amazing transformation I have seen in myself with the assistance of my new friend, Valerie Steiger, a master certified life coach. Valerie has been helping me to live in the present moment and remove barriers with my thought processes over the last few months so I can find the motivation and courage to start a new chapter in my life. I encourage you to enlist her services so you, too, can discover the true path you want to take! Valerie is vibrant, smart, full of wisdom and experience... she can take your life's journey to the next level.

    J. T.Client
  • Valerie's approach to coaching is direct, enthusiastic, inspirational, and authentic. She's survived trauma and transformation a number of times, and emerged able to catalyze and facilitate change calmly and clearly. Don't let her quick wit fool you - she's dead serious about your personal growth and the development of your spirit. Valerie will help you set goals and challenge the limited beliefs that have kept you from meeting them already. Whatever you need to get through, get past, or get into, Valerie will keep you focused and motivated through the whole process.

    Martha Beck, Ph.D.Best Selling Author and Columnist for O: The Oprah Magazine


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