About Me

I am passionate about empowering busy women to heal, thrive, love and lead. I work with all types and ages of women from executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, to working moms, single moms and amazing stay-at-home moms.

I believe that every woman deserves to be valued, to feel safe, and to be loved. We are natural nurturers, caregivers, teachers, and healers. And we are ALL necessary in making the world a safer and better place for all living things. Most importantly, we don’t need to change anything or do more.  It is more useful to elevate our viewpoint — to see our innate wisdom, beauty, and wellness – and just BE that.

I’m a recovering self-help addict. I’m also working to overcome an on-going survival habit. (The urge to fight, run, or hide from the “I’m not enough”, “there’s not enough”, or “no one will like/accept me” thoughts.)

What I do best is facilitate life’s changes and transitions. My successful survival tactics thus far have made me a master at busting through obstacles, setting boundaries, handling change, and pouncing on pain and suffering. Still useful skills.

However, my new strategy — for myself and clients – (follow my blog posts, BE WELL with BEING) – is much easier and much more peaceful. I’d love to share it with you. It’s based on insights obtained from the Three Principles, of which I am still an active student.   The summary of my understanding of this framework thus far is:

  • Universal Mind: Our natural state of being is wellness. It’s our default nature. Even when we don’t feel it, we are well, we are safe, and we are loved.
  • Universal Thought: Thought is just thought, and not who we are. All humans experience life through thinking.  We feel our thoughts, and we act on our feelings. When we’re not experiencing peace and ease, it’s only because our own personal thinking, innocently, clouds our wellness. We may incorrectly experience dark times as permanent, unsafe, and somehow being our fault. It’s not. Ever. Our wellness will appear to be hijacked by struggle, fear, and unhappiness.
  • Universal Consciousness: Our experience in any moment, is directly related to our state of mind. When our thinking clouds pass, and they always do, we’ll naturally return to the peace and ease of our natural wellness. When our thinking mind is calm, we will naturally experience our wellness and wisdom (which surprisingly shows up as common sense!)

More Highlights about me:

  • I love animals. My personal totem is the whale. And the hummingbird. Extremes, I’m like that.
  • My colleagues pet-named me “mafia-kitten,” which is also the title of my book. I’m Strong, tough, a fighter. I’m at my best when I play to my more gentle, natural strength.
  • I love nature. And traveling. And learning about indigenous cultures.
  • I love family.  And gatherings.  And live events.
  • Paul Newman and Paul Simon.  LIKE.
  • The book that changed my life?  Real Magic, by Wayne Dyer.
  • My five top character strengths (values) that I lead my life with are: Perseverance, Bravery and Valor, Honesty, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, and Gratitude.
  • I am a natural producer, maximizer, activator, relator. I like to make things happen.
  • I live, work, rest, and play in Mesa, Arizona, along with my husband, dogs and other occasional desert creatures that may stop by.

My Resume:

I hold a Masters in Professional Counseling, and Master Certification in Life Coaching. I’ve been helping women for over 10 years to find real strength and lead their own lives. Prior to counseling and coaching, I worked in corporate, small business, and non-profit environments, all of which put a spotlight on my love of organizing and planning events.

I’m also a Professional Survivor, having persevered through sexual abuse, physical abuse, sex discrimination, homelessness, divorce, single parenting, blended families, and financial downturns. I unknowingly worked with The Universe to co-create lots of these crises and transitions, which, in turn, created a cycle of pain and suffering. My journey led me to finally discovering my innate wellness, appreciating my natural strengths, identifying my highest values, engaging in rewarding work, and experiencing a life filled with wonder, joy, and endless gratitude. (Of course there’s still bullshit; as my hero George Carlin said, “it’s all bullshit and it’s bad for you!” The difference is now I understand that it’s all impersonal, it’s all safe, and it’s all temporary. There’s lots of peace and ease to be found in that!)

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“Mafia-kitten” is a pet name that describes my strength spectrum that ranges from being SO STRONG (mafia) to helpless, weak (kitten.) In this book, I share deeply personal vignettes about my life-long struggle between showing up in the world STRONG, and unraveling the truth about vulnerabilities and weaknesses that came to the surface in a big way.


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Changes of the Heart

In Changes of the Heart, thirteen life coaches offer their best strategies for some of life’s toughest moments. Changes of the Heart provides warm and real help from diverse certified life coaches speaking from their individual experiences.

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