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Great Horned Owl

I received the most beautiful gift today.  I’ll tell you a little more about the gift itself later, but first let me tell you about its journey and how and why I believe it arrived.  I would like to say that it was a surprise, but actually, I began visioning this gif visioning this gift about 2 weeks ago.  I wasn’t really sure why I had this particular vision — it just came to me, and I embraced it without question.

I guess you can say that I called this gift into being.  I envisioned it as if it had already happened.  I felt the joy of it before it arrived.  And then, like waking up from a dream, I let it go and went on with my busy days and sleepless nights.

So it was and wasn’t a surprise — like watching fireworks — when you know what’s about to happen, and still you ooohh and aaahh every time.  I know I can manifest things into my life, but still, I get elated.  Tickled.  In awe.  Ok, honestly, maybe it’s a little more exciting than that.  If she comes back tomorrow, I just may wet my pants!  That eis morning, as I sat in my spot — the same spot where I wrote about the woodpecker visiting some months ago, and I began this journey of endings and beginnings.   I was not “thinking” about my vision of her.  Nor was I thinking about the storm that has been swirling and blowing and tearing up my day-to-day life. I was relaxing with the rest of nature that surrounded me, and I dropped into a place of calm.  It was very still; quiet, just before the break of dawn.  There were just one or two birds beginning to call from a distance.

My heart still beats fast just recalling what happened next.  She came in with a full wing span, hovering about one foot above the pool, like a plane buzzing the field, and she landed on the small wall between the pool and jacuzzi. (I am guessing a female because of her size — female great-horned owls are larger than males — she had about a 4 ft wing-span and stood almost 2 ft tall.)  She folded her wings in, and kept her back towards me.   And then she slowly turned her head, the way owls do, and our eyes met.  She sat just 15 feet before me, and we gazed at each other for what seemed like a lifetime, though I know it was only seconds. And I felt as if I knew her, because I did — from my vision.  But, it was even more familiar than that — an essence of a Spirit or Guardian angel of sorts.

My small dog, Joey, was not as intrigued as I, and he took an attack stance and began to growl.  As I held him back, she took her gaze off of me and looked at him.  Unimpressed with his aggression, she looked back at me (as if to say, “Is he serious?  I could easily have him for breakfast!”) and then she flew off.  She only flew ahead about 50 ft, landing on a wall in the open wash just behind our yard.  It seemed as if she created enough of a distance to quiet Joey, and then she continued to gaze in my direction.   Hard as it was – I could have sat for hours with her — I finally broke the gaze, and left for my scheduled  7am walk with a neighbor.

(Interestingly, my walking partner was not surprised when I told her.  She just looked up and very matter-of-factly, in her Texan drawl said, “Who was it?  It was your Momma, wasn’t it?)

This is how everything works.  Where the energy is calm, relaxed, open — gifts appear.  Hearts race.  Pure joy is experienced.  Messages are delivered.

Anything can be called in, and will show up in your life.  But like all magic, there is a trick that makes it real;  a trick that only the magician knows.  If you just remain a spectator, you may be skeptical and not believe the magic.  But what if you knew the trick? What if YOU were the magician?

Whether it’s a job, your health, a new home, a soul mate, or an occasional great-horned owl carrying a message, here’s the simple, but not so easy, trick to calling into your life whatever it is you want.

1)  You must suspend all attachment to NEEDING it.  The not-so-easy part is you need to be 100% sure that your life will go on with or without this person, place, or thing that you want.

2)  You must suspend any fear that you have around NOT HAVING IT.   The not-so-easy part is you must not care about it, and you must be willing to let go of all your “what if” anxieties about what life will be like without  this person, place, or thing.

3)  You must abandon (in your mind) your current storm, and drop into a calm, relaxed state — like the stillness just before dawn.   Allow your storm to blow you over the rainbow and drop you into Munchkin Land.   Or allow it to pull you deep beneath the riptides and drop you into the deep end of the ocean, where the whales sing.    Any way you choose to do it, it’s about abandoning all thoughts (about your circumstance) and “dropping in” to a field of calm.  And this field of calm can be accessed any time, any place.  It is always there, always within you (hint: it resides in imagination.)  From this calm place, you will notice that you are not afraid.  You are safe.

4)  You must know WHY you want it.  The not-so-easy part is envisioning the person, place or thing showing up just for the sheer joy of experiencing it.  Like fireworks.  Or an occasional owl.   Without attachment, ownership, ambition or any form of a “need it, have to have it” agenda.  Your WHY should be just for the squealing, sheer joy of it.

5)  Repeat daily.  And gifts will appear, your heart will race, and you’ll experience pure joy every day.


Owl Medicine

And here is the owl’s very, very personal  gift/message that I received from this magical encounter.  Perhaps you may find something useful here for you as well:

  • Open your eyes, step out of your blind spot, see and  know the truth.


  • You have the ability to navigate through the darkest night and bring back nourishment for yourself and others.


  • You must get back to your proper path and wisdom; your cellular wisdom, that just knows.


  • Release what has outlived its benefit and usefulness in your life.  Clear your home, your life, of negative energy, and be willing to start a new life.


  • Seek balance.  Too many possessions, too many projects, too much of anything, limits your ability to move freely.   This leads to stagnation, which leads to the death of joy, happiness and abundance.


  • Give up, let go, allow what may seem like a death, in order for birth and dream manifestations to be born. And, in doing so, obstacles, limitations, fears and anxieties will also die without your support.


  • Once you let go, you can begin to move toward the process of what you truly want; what’s most important.


  • Tap into your wisdom and intuition, and draw a line of sight into the future.  Know that even after the darkest night, a new dawn is approaching.


  • You ‘ve been taught that death is an ending, not a beginning.  But what is in the process of being born, will be more beneficial for you.  Your pain and grief is only being extended and heightened by hanging on to what you are perceiving to be “death.”


  • Death is not a loss, but the beginning of a new adventure to be explored with great abandon and joy.
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