Touching Bigness by Michael Trotta

I’m reposting this article by my colleague and mentor, Michael Trotta.  It touched my heart and reminded me of the wonderful feeling I get from watching whales in Cabo, or hugging elephants in Thailand.  Touching the bigness – the essence – of who we really are through touching and observing these big magical creatures.  Michael refers to “Original Medicine” which is a native tradition describing our unique gifts and talents that we ALL have naturally – to give (heal) the world.

Touching Bigness, by Michael Trotta

Ever wonder what it is that attracts people to large animals? Animals like lions, horses, elephants, whales even. I mean, whole business are run simply to put people in close contact with these creatures who, if they chose, could put an end to you with about as much effort as it takes to flick a light switch. Why is it than, that so many people feel drawn to get close to the “bigness” of these creatures?

I asked myself this question the other day as friend and fellow coach, Koelle Simpson, shared with me the details of a recent “kayaking with orca’s” adventure she went on. Yeah, that’s right, she got in a tiny little kayak weighing no more than 25 lbs and paddled her way up close and personal to killer whales which can weigh as much as ten tons because it seemed like fun! I was totally jealous.

As she went on with all the details and precautions of her adventure, I could so relate to allure of being close to these kings and queens of the sea.

Just the day before in fact, I watched blue whales spy-hopping a few hundred yards from the shore near where I was staying along California’s central coast and I remember thinking to myself, ‘I just want to swim out their and grab on to one.’ And judging from the throngs of people who where pointing and taking photos of the massive creatures, I dare say, I wasn’t alone in my want to be closer.

But why?

What is it that draws people to want to be so close to something that big and with that much power?

As Koelle shared her experience, it occurred to me that the whales, or elephants or anything in nature that you may feel drawn to and at the same time dwarfed by, is a very human way of relating to our own bigness, our personal and Original Medicine.

I know Koelle to be someone deeply connected to her own medicine. As a coach and horse whisperer, she has spent many years building relationship to her gifts through her work with her four-legged friends and has mastered her ability to use those gifts to serve others. So, it was of no surprise to me that she should have felt so comfortable hanging out with orcas.

As I see it, we are all much, much bigger than our physical bodies. The medicine each one of us brings into the world is epic in its size and our only real job in this world, is to build relationship to it. Why? so that we might one day hop in a stick frame kayak and float along side it, touching the bigness of who we really are and joyfully share our medicine with those who need it most.

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